The Internet Wants Absolutely Nothing To Do With #HeterosexualPrideDay

Shutterstock / Twitter

Happy Heterosexual Pride Day, everyone! Oh, you didn’t know that today was Heterosexual Pride Day? Kind of like how every time we have a month or day to celebrate an actual minority, gender, or sexual orientation, some cisgender white dude has to make it all about himself? You know, how every now and then some jackass will make headlines by declaring such and such month “white history month?”

Anyway, someone has apparently declared June 29 as Heterosexual Pride Day, a day to celebrate all of the straight women and men who, uh, have never had their right to marry questioned nor have ever been harassed or bullied based on their sexual orientation. YAY, WE DID IT, GUYS!

Once Heterosexual Pride Day started trending on Twitter, however, there was a swift and immediate backlash to it, with many pointing out the inherent hypocrisy of such a day, or just outright ridiculing it.

Here are some of the finest and most brutal reactions: