How Combining Multi-Day Hikes With Luxury Lodging Will Change The Way You Think About Hiking

11.04.15 4 years ago
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Picture this: You just hiked 30 miles and spent three nights camping in the wilderness. You return to the trailhead and get in your car, tired, dirty and sore. This is a pivotal moment. One in which you’re faced with two choices: You could either A) unceremoniously drive home to the same old stresses of everyday life, or B) extend your trip for a day and drive to a swanky hotel to spend the night recovering while being waited on hand and foot.

Basically, the second option (and it’s the one we’re pushing here, if you couldn’t tell) offers you a vacation from your vacation. Because really, there’s no better way to toast your time roughing it in the woods (and the fact that you survived) than by rewarding yourself with a big comfortable bed, room service, and if you really want to treat yo’ self, a massage.

Sure, a seasoned backpacker may not feel the need to celebrate their completed trek, but if you’re new to backpacking, or simply don’t get to go as often as you’d like, you might as well live it up when you’re done.

First, make sure you have all of the backpacking gear you need to master the “time in the woods part,” then consult the list below to find a trail with a nearby luxury hotel for your next adventure. This way, when the daily grind does sink its teeth into you again, at least you’ll feel rested.

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