Hillary Clinton’s Response To A Girl Who Wants Her Name To Be ‘Lillary’ Offers A Dose Of Real Inspiration


Whether you love or hate Hillary Clinton, there’s one thing you’ve got to admit: She’s fantastic at getting in touch with the individual voter. She’s on every major station, yes, but she’s also spoken to local radio stations, embraced smaller media outlets, and has even given interviews to publications no one (not even the publication’s editors) expected. And now, she’s showing off her political acumen once more (because we can’t just call it a nice thing she did without wondering about the motive) by sending a little girl named Lilly a personal letter.

According to Lilly’s mom, the presidential hopeful wrote the 7-year-old the letter after hearing that Lilly wanted to change her name to Lillary. And while Clinton was touched, she was also reasonable enough to agree that while the idea is flattering, the young girl should just keep her own name, especially because being president has nothing to do with the name on your birth certificate.

“I think Lilly is a great name,” Clinton wrote before launching into a very age-appropriate explanation about how the only important things are dreaming big and working hard and caring about what you believe in. Then, the candidate reminded Lilly that she needed to find a way to have her voice heard, take credit, and develop confidence. “Don’t be discouraged,” Clinton wrote. “Don’t give in. Don’t give up.”

But Lilly’s not the only person receiving a personal letter. Writer Kevin Lewis, author of Chugga-Chugga-Choo-Choo also got a letter thanking him for giving Clinton a wonderful book to read with her grandchildren. Of course he posted it. (Listen, wouldn’t you?)

While Lewis frets about whether posting the letter is bad form and Lilly’s mom is asking people to share it, it’s clear that both documents were meant to be shared as a symbol of the fact that even though she is only one person, Clinton cares about each individual voter as opposed to seeing as everyone as a teeming mass.

Is it a strategic move? Sure. But like many of the other things Clinton has done lately, it also feels homey and humanizing. And hey, didn’t your mom always say writing letters was the best way to prove that you care?

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