A Definitive Power Ranking Of Holiday Movie Food Scenes

12.15.17 2 years ago 4 Comments

Watching Christmas movies may be my favorite pastime. Finding out that a new Hallmark, ABC Family (I know they’re now called Freeform but I refuse to call them that), or Lifetime Christmas movie is now on Netflix is — no joke — what keeps me going. I love them so much. From the great ones like While You Were Sleeping to the multiple TV movies in which a woman gets trapped in a snow globe, there’s nothing like a cheesy, heartwarming, Christmas movie to really get you in the spirit of the season.

Today, we’re power ranking the Christmas foods in holiday movies — from grossest-looking to most delicious. Whether the dishes look high key disgusting or absolutely on point, you have to agree: None of these movies would be the same without their iconic food moments.

9. The National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Turkey

Poor Clark Griswold. Dude cannot catch a break. He tries so hard to make things perfect, and like any classic clown, he’s always going to fail miserably. Christmas is no exception.

This classic Christmas dinner scene presents us with the world’s driest turkey. It is so dry that dust literally shoots out when Clark cuts into it. Important note: The sound effect here of everyone chewing what sounds like gravel really makes the scene. It’s the most extreme version of our collective nightmare of overdoing the Christmas main course and ruining the holiday, and it’s almost enough to make you seriously consider just skipping the bird entirely — lest your Christmas dinner end up like the Griswold’s.

The 8. A Christmas Prince “Appetizers”

A Christmas Prince is so, so bad. And despite what the internet is telling you, not really in a good way. It’s like watching all the light and hope that goes out of child’s eyes right after they find out that there is no Santa Claus or…. have to watch A Christmas Prince. Truly bleak stuff. That being said, there are some unintentionally hilarious parts of this movie that we cannot get enough of. Most of all, the neon toothpicks in the “Christmas Jellied Meat” that is served at a fancy cocktail party.

Every part of this movie — from the drab costumes, to the stock footage, to these toothpicks seem to be stuff that was already lying around the director’s house. But pretending this was a purposeful choice, we want to know so much more about the royal Christmas party in which they purposely call aspic, ‘jellied meat’ in order to disgust guests. Are they in bankruptcy and can only afford one plate of appetizers and therefore wanted to make sure no one took one so it can appear like many appetizers are being passed around? It seems plausible, as we know that the entire staff is made of drifters who just wandered into a palace and became staff without so much as an ID check. They’re obviously pretty strapped for cash.

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