Honey Nut Cheerios Put Together This Moving Plea To Help Save The Bees

Bees, which contribute more than $15 billion to the U.S. economy, are dying out. Scientists in Australia have gone as far as putting microchips on bees’ backs in order to figure out why they’re dropping dead in such large numbers.

In Canada, Honey Nut Cheerios, which relies on the bee population for obvious reasons, wants to do something about that. They’ve made the above video to raise awareness of this issue.

The video features footage of humans rescuing various animals, including a dog trapped on ice, and an elephant stuck in a hole. In the background, the chorus sings lyrics like, “Baby, don’t understand, why we can’t just hold on to each other’s hand.” Soon, screen text informs us how “helping is in our nature” and then, “now another friend needs our help.” That friend? Bees. The video then cuts to various headlines informing us that bees are dying out by the millions, as the chorus asks us to “take these broken wings” (so now I know that this is a cover of a Mr. Mister song), and you know, save the bees.

This is all for a campaign to give away and plant 35 million wildflower seeds in Canada, as Honey Nut Cheerios’ YouTube page informs us. They’re doing this in hopes of creating “a more bee friendly habitat.” You can get wildflower seeds at There’s also a #BringBackTheBees hashtag.