There’s An All-You-Can-Eat-Wings Situation At Hooters That You Need To Know About

Go ahead and take the day off of work tomorrow. Cancel the Tinder date. Bail on your friends for the concert you were going to go to. Because this is important: tomorrow is National Chicken Wing Day, and there are all-you-can-eat chicken wings at Hooters. That’s an opportunity AND a challenge. Chicken wings are the best, and you need to be completely prepared to consume as many as possible.

The all-you-can-eat special will be from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. so don’t try to sneak in at 5 p.m. and pretend like you’re gonna get to eat all the chicken wings you want. The prices will vary from restaurant to restaurant, but there won’t be a limit to how many chicken wings you can eat. That’s between you and your conscience.

Not only that, but Hooters is currently holding an election — which may not seem to be as important as other elections currently going on in this country, but is a pretty big deal. Go to to decide if you prefer drumstick or flat wings. Right now, drums are eeking out the win, barely. Cass Anderson over at BroBible says that drums are best, but that’s obviously wrong. Way off. So vote for “flats” please — because a drumstick shouldn’t even be classified as a “wing.” It’s literally a chicken leg.

You can also choose between smoked vs. crispy wings, sweet vs. spicy wings, or ranch vs. blue cheese as a dipping sauce.

Oh, by the way? If you think you’re too nervous to brave the inevitable crowds at Hooters, or if your stupid boss insists you do something called “work’ instead of spend your entire day drooling over chicken wings and attractive hosts, you can still try to make it out there TODAY. Because they’re offering the all-you-can-eat wings special one day in advance, too! Before you head out, you can look here to see if they’ll be offering the special in your area, though they are offering it in almost all locations. Good luck and godspeed, friends.