Low On Cash? Here’s Your Guide To Savvy Thrift Shopping

04.17.16 3 years ago


Thrift store culture and environmentalism might have more in common than you think. Maybe you thought the only reason a person would shop at a Goodwill is because they’re poor, they’re trying too hard, or they’re Macklemore (Yes, that’s a link to that song). But go beyond the post-hipsterism and judging people based on their economic status. You’re better than that.

In Australia, the “op shop” is used by everyone. Any stupid stigmas that mass consumerism has ingrained in us are completely absent there. Just think to yourself “W.W.M.I.A.D: ‘What would M.I.A do?

The answer is thrift.

Thrift stores have become this strange mix of fringe and mainstream culture. They’re not quite department stores and not quite a malls but all of a sudden they’re kind of trendy. It’s probably because they’re timeless and exist for everyone. Weirdo’s, hipsters, welfare kids, bargain hunters, the terminally fashionable, environmentalists, collectors, pragmatists, and treasure hunters all converge under one roof to seek out their own personal aesthetic. What’s really cool is that it isn’t standard consumerism. Thrift stores actually decrease your carbon footprint and reduce overall waste.

A guide for the uninitiated and curious:

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