A Hungry Polar Bear Breaks Into A Nature Film Crew’s Cabin And Eats All Of The Bacon

A crew filming for BBC’s Earth Unplugged received an unpleasant surprise when, out shooting all day, they returned to find that their hut had been ransacked by — not Goldilocks — but a hungry polar bear that literally cleaned house, eating the crew’s steaks, sour cream, chicken, yogurt, blueberries, and “lots of bacon.” (Because apparently, no one told the bear that bacon causes cancer.) As the field assistant surveying the damage says, “He ate everything,” although that wasn’t entirely accurate because the bear did leave the Marmite alone, because apparently even bears know better than to consume Marmite.

The crew was then tasked with scaring off the bear, which was slumbering nearby; belly full of all of their supplies. Because polar bears will hunt humans, it was imperative for the safety of the crew that they drive it off… even though it probably didn’t have much of an appetite after consuming pound after pound of bacon. The bear did end up returning to the scene of the crime three times over the following two days, but presumably when no more bacon materialized, it finally gave up and went on its beary way.

It’s not clear how far the crew was from civilization, but I’d have to imagine losing literally all of their supplies probably caused a slight delay in filming. Given the potential danger of the situation, this was really not the worst possible outcome.