James Dyson Wants You To Help Him Build The Future

James Dyson has spent his life taking existing technologies and bringing them into the modern age. Case in point, Dyson literally reinvented the wheelbarrow — replacing the wheel with a ball and ditching the metal for non-stick plastics. It was a wild idea that improved the original product immensely.

In this installment of Uproxx’s Master of Invention, we look at Dyson’s career highlights — how he’s reimagined everything from military boats for landing on beaches to hair dryers. Through engineering, design, tech, and a lot of trial and error (Dyson’s bagless vacuum took 5,127 prototypes of research and development), Dyson and his team invent everyday devices that are more functional and long-lasting than their predecessors.

It hasn’t always been easy, of course, but Dyson sees failure as a necessary stop on the path to success. Or, as he puts it, “If you always do what you know is going to work, then, okay, you’ll have less failure. But you’ll never make a substantial change or breakthrough.”

With that philosophy in mind, Dyson is taking on bigger and bolder endeavors. Since reimagining motors on hair dryers and vacuum cleaners, Dyson has turned his innovative vision toward the electric car. And, surely, it’ll be as revolutionary as his previous work.

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