John Kasich Should Think About A Second Career As A Competition Eater

Let’s be real, Ohio Governor John Kasich is a longshot candidate at this point in the 2016 presidential race. Some people may even joke that present-day Ronald Reagan has a better shot at the White House than Kasich. But if this all doesn’t work out, he still has a decent fallback career as a competitive eater.

The “moderate” choice for the GOP was anything but when it came time to order some Italian food at Bronx eatery Mike’s Deli. In what was perhaps an attempt to atone for the breaking the 11th Commandment (Thou Shalt Not Eat Pizza With A Fork), Kasich scarfed down an insane amount of carb-heavy entrees. All told, the governor ate half of a sandwich, two plates of spaghetti with bolognese and an order of pasta e fagioli. And because it’s 2016, several reporters were there to live-tweet the whole spectacle.

Of course, he couldn’t get out of the situation without at least one gaffe.

At least he’s still got that wicked jumpshot. It would be great to see Kasich go one-on-one against President Barack Obama sometime.

Even though watching a man eat until he gets the meat sweats is inherently gross, we’ll all look back on this fondly when President Donald Trump eats a still-living goat in the middle of his third term.

(Via Grub Street)