This Campaign Ad From ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Makes A Compelling Argument For John Kasich

During the 2004 presidential election, pundits and potential voters alike quipped that then-Sen. John Kerry (D-Massachusetts) was the party’s best bet against Republican incumbent George W. Bush. Why? Because he wasn’t George W. Bush. Thanks to the “Super Tuesday sequel” and the rise of Donald TrumpJimmy Kimmel Live offered a similar gag in the form of a new campaign ad for Ohio Gov. John Kasich on Wednesday’s episode.

“Many analysts believe John Kasich is the Republicans’ best shot at toppling Donald Trump,” said show host Jimmy Kimmel. “This new ad actually makes a very compelling argument for why he should be the nominee.”

So why is Kasich, who currently holds 26 less delegates than recent drop-out Marco Rubio, the Grand Ol’ Party’s best hope against the “New York values” might of Trump? Is it because he has “real world experience in both foreign and domestic policy,” or because he “balanced a budget?” None of the above! Instead, Kimmel’s ad suggests that Kasich is the Republican’s best choice for nominee because he isn’t “wackobird” Ted Cruz, nor is he anything like the “f*cking nightmare” that is the Donald. You know, the guy who was once an honorary member of the WWE Hall of Fame after a string of appearances at televised pro-wrestling events.

Good luck, Kasich. At least you have the parodic support of Jimmy Kimmel. The same late-show host who blessed us with two minutes of Bachelor star Ben Higgins starring at nothing.