The Internet Decided It Had To Reimagine The Ken Doll With A Dad Bod

Mattel has recently gotten some kudos for a new line of Barbies who received some major makeovers in the name of diversity. The new dolls have different ethnicities, clothing, hair types, and body types. The internet, never one to stay silent, has now said “it’s Ken’s turn.”

As MTV reports, guys on Twitter asked why Ken had to have just the body of a chiseled, unrealistically tall male ideal, so the company Lyst, which sells clothes online, got a graphic designer to make a line of Kens with different body types.

The result? A Ken with a “dad bod.” So a pot belly, probably from beer. Dad bod Ken is either showing his rounded physique off in some printed board shorts, or in a Mister Rogers sweater and Chinos. There are also a couple of non-white Kens, a short yet fit Ken, and a bearded lumberjack Ken who probably listens to Bon Iver or something.

Lyst’s editorial director tells Mashable that hipster Ken is the most popular, because of the “pin up Barbie” tattoo on his arm. Lyst might start actually manufacturing and selling the dolls, but for now, you can get all of the outfits featured on their website.

I bet Mattel is upset that they didn’t get on this sooner.

(via MTV and Mashable)