This Bucket Of Chicken Is Actually Kentucky Fried Cake


Informal poll! Which is more disgusting: This, or those cakes that come around every Thanksgiving which are realistically styled like a complete turkey dinner? YOU BE THE JUDGE.

Computer programmer and sometimes baker Branka Njegich has created a Kentucky Fried monstrosity out of melted candy, fondant, and terror. Njegich told the Australian Daily Mail:

It’s all cake, the only things that aren’t edible is the Pepsi can obviously and the little boxes. The popcorn chicken is not chicken, the chips are fondant, the gravy is a creamy caramel and the mashed potato a vanilla buttercream. The corn is all edible, it’s jelly beans and melted Starbursts.

Supposedly, the crispy skin is actually “biscuit crumbs.” As Njegich is Australian, I’m going to assume that’s cookie crumbs, and not proper American biscuit crumbs. Njegich is “mostly self taught” as a baker, and created the KFC bucket for a friend’s 21st birthday. The cake is supposedly “95 percent edible,” if you count fondant as edible, and has become a hit on Instagram.

The insane part is this isn’t the first KFC cake on Instagram, only the latest.

There are chicken cakes from England to New Jersey to Australia:





There are plenty more where that came from if you search the “#KFCcake” hashtag on Instagram and Facebook. Apparently, the KFC cake has been requested multiple times.

I am genuinely baffled by this phenomenon. What is wrong with a cake shaped like a cake and then also some fried chicken?

(Via Mashable)