KFC’s New Nail Polish Line Is Not A Joke

Finger-lickin’ good has an extra meaning now, thanks to KFC’s new line of nail polish. Yes — we said nail polish. No, we aren’t kidding. It’s being released in Hong Kong, of all places, and comes in both Original Recipe and Hot & Spicy.

Racked got their hands on the actual press release and published it verbatim. Here’s what KFC has to say about it:

In line with its spirit of innovation, KFC Hong Kong unveils their new ‘Finger Lickin’ Good Edible Nail Polish’ range, keeping the brand literally at their customers’ fingertips while savoring their delicious signature chicken.

This limited edition edible nail polish was created as a tribute to the world famous “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good” slogan.

KFC’s signature flavors — Original Recipe and Hot & Spicy — have been carefully formulated from natural ingredients into edible nail polish and packaged in a stylish glass bottle and minimal box with over gloss details to appeal to young consumers’ love of food and fashion. Simply apply and dry like regular nail polish and then lick — again and again and again to taste why the world’s favourite chicken is Finger Lickin’ Good.

We have so many questions. The nail polish is flavored? How long does the flavor last? Will the Hot & Spicy let us down? This can’t be healthy. Is this healthy? When will it make it to the U.S.? Is flavored nail polish the next trend? Can we get behind that?

Adweek spoke with the agency Ogilvy & Mather, who worked directly on the nail polish with food technologists from McCormick. “The recipe for our edible nail polish is unique and was specifically designed to hold the flavor, but to also dry with a glossy coat similar to normal nail polish,” creative director John Koay said. “This campaign is designed to be intriguing and fun to increase excitement around the KFC brand in Hong Kong.”

Right now the polish is more of a social media campaign than anything else, with Hong Kong consumers being encouraged to vote on which flavor they want to go into mass production.

Oh, and there’s also a trippy music video too. Which totally answers all of our questions. Or not. Check out the video below: