Heroic 8 Year Old Learns To Drive On YouTube And Heads Straight To McDonald’s


The desire to hit a McDonald’s can be pretty strong. It’s cheap, easy, fast, consistent, and hits our nostalgia pleasure centers square on. A lot of us grew up eating at the Golden Arches. We still remember begging our parents to go for some ever-so-tasty cheeseburgers or some Chicken McNuggets with a bottomless cups of sauce for dippin’. But during this heady time, we were all at the mercy of our parents and their damned ability to operate a car.

Until now. One kid in Ohio decided to take matters into his own hands and use a little internet access to do what none of us could as kids: drive. The eight-year-old boy was hungry and wanted some post-dinner McDonalds. But his parents were taking a nap after a day out and about with the kids. Instead of waking them, this kid logged on to YouTube and started watching tutorials on how to drive cars. When he thought he had it down, he packed his four-year-old sister into his dad’s car and YOLO’d a mile-and-a-half to the nearest McDonald’s like a goddamn baller.

How much do you wanna bet it was this video?

Amazingly according to witnesses, the boy drove perfectly, was courteous at intersections, and made it to the McDonald’s drive thru without incident. According to reports in the local newspaper, the Weirton Daily Times, employees thought “they were being pranked” and that the parents must have been “in the back of the car.” The young boy ordered a “cheeseburger, chicken nuggets and fries” and paid for it before the cops were called because a freakin’ kid was driving a car.

Once the boy realized he’d done something wrong he broke down “in tears” and told the cops “he just wanted a cheeseburger,” man. The young boy and his sister were taken to the local police station and the kids’ grandparents eventually picked them up. Grandparents? Those parents must be some heavy sleepers. But, hey, at least they got their cheeseburger and nuggets and no one was hurt.

(Via The Weirton Daily News)