Krispy Kreme Will Open A Huge 24/7 Flagship Store In Times Square In 2020

06.10.19 2 months ago

Krispy Kreme

When is the best time to eat a donut? Trick question, any time is the optimal time for donut-ing, which is what we in the donut-eating biz call eating donuts. Krispy Kreme understands this, which is why they’re about to open a 24-hour flagship store in New York City’s Times Square. Fresh donuts will be served every day of the week, all day, and the store will reportedly have all the outlandish trappings one would hope to find in a Times Square-based flagship — think M&M’s World, but better because it never closes.

The store will be massive, at 4,500 square feet — which is about the size of a small mansion — and will be located at 1601 Broadway on the corner of 48th Street. A lot of floor space is a good thing, it means we won’t have to shove anyone over to get our donuts — not that that is a thing we’ve ever done, or aren’t totally willing to do again if someone gets in our way.

Visitors can expect to find much of the massive floor space devoted to merch and interactive experiences, including views of Krispy Kreme’s signature conveyor belt donut-making process, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the full donut-making experience, from the employees mixing ingredients, to the moment the fried dough rings pass under a glaze waterfall. It sounds delicious.

Krispy Kreme

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