This ‘Hangover Clinic’ Will Make The Day After The Party Way Easier To Handle


How’s that hangover treating you? Are we typing these words too loud? Do you need hotel room blinds draped around the sun to keep all that pesky light out of your face? Have you stopped barfing the remnants of last night’s 4am chicken fingers?

Don’t worry. Australia has your back.

The land of Yahoo Serious is, um, serious about the introduction of the country’s first ever “Hangover Clinic.” (That’s it’s name, by the way. Sensible choice.) If you can somehow fight off the aftermath of the previous evening’s soused-up adventures, there’s treatment waiting at the Sydney clinic. What’s on the menu for your road to recovery?

Here are the remedy options laid out on the Hangover Clinic’s website:

Jump Start ($140)

When you shouldn’t have had that last drink. This 30 minute treatment will jump start your engines and have you back on track.

– 1L of ‘Hartmann’s Solution’ IV Hydration
– Vitamins B and C
– Choice of headache or anti-nausea medication

Energise ($165)

If you need an extra jolt to the system, upgrade to our standard package. This 40 minute treatment will blast away the cobwebs so you can perform at your best.

– 1L of ‘Hartmann’s Solution’ IV hydration
– Vitamins B and C
– Headache medication
– Anti-nausea medication
– Oxygen treatment

Resurrection ($200)

For the most serious of situations. When you’ve had an epic night, you need an epic treatment. This 1 hour package will help you tackle the post-party blues like nothing else.

– 1.5L of ‘Hartmann’s Solution’ IV hydration
– Vitamins B and C
– Headache medication
– Anti-nausea medication
– Antioxidant boost
– Oxygen treatment

Care to take a peek inside? The clinic’s Instagram page has a few pics of what’s waiting for you if you enter their den of de-boozing.

Hungover? Come and relax in the lounge with one of our treatments #hangoverclinic #loungelife #iv #sydney

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For your own little recovery bubble book one of our private rooms #hangoverclinic #iv #privateroomlife

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Getting ready for the week at the #hangoverclinic #recovery #iv #sundaysesh

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That thumbs up means it works! Or that the people in the photograph are drunk. Both are suitable options.

Arriving just in time for the always blotto holiday season, the hoopla surrounding the Hangover Clinic has invited questions about whether or not this service promotes irresponsible drinking. It’s a claim that clinic co-founder Max Petro disputed in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald.

There has been some criticism suggesting we’re encouraging binge drinking. We don’t serve alcohol. We are not a pub. We encourage binge drinking as much as hospitals encourage people to get sick.

Would you spring for this service? Have you already tried this sort of thing in Las Vegas or New York? Give us your take in the comments, ya lush!