Break Out The Smelly Markers, Lisa Frank Coloring Books For Adults Are Coming

In 2014, I purchased 10 booklets of Lisa Frank stickers at Michael’s. I wouldn’t have purchased so many, but the helpful woman who had assisted me in protecting my bounty from two pre-teen girls demanding that I share (sorry life isn’t fair, kids!) told me that this was the store’s last run. No more stickers would be coming. How, I wondered, would the world survive a dearth of purple pandas in tie-dyed overalls? How would we, as a society, function if there were no brightly colored unicorn stickers to give to someone who had done a “terrific job”? We’ve survived, but just barely. Now, our nightmare is coming to an end. Lisa Frank coloring books are on their way!

Check this baby out, because it’s SWEET (just like everyone pleaded for you to stay when they signed your yearbooks in seventh grade). (Too bad you didn’t listen, huh?)

There’s no firm release date yet (they’re slated to appear sometime next month), but you can rest assured in knowing that these coloring books aren’t just for the munchkins in your life. In fact, according to the latest news from the brand’s Instagram page, these books (filled with all manner of nostalgia from your misspent youth) are meant specifically for adults, meaning that when the kids in your life ask for you to let them have “just one page” you can tell proudly tell them that it’s something they’ll be able to enjoy “when they’re older” and need to take the edge off doing their taxes and accepting the reality that no, you can’t eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast every day because that much sugar really isn’t good for your health after the age of 20.

The books will be available at Dollar General. If you don’t have one nearby but still need the #therapy promised within their pages, you will likely be able to find some on eBay, where you can also purchase a lot of 235 stickers for only $200. The dream of the ’90s lives on!

(h/t:Hello Giggles)