This Little Boy Broke Down After His Sister Bought Him A Hamster With Her Birthday Money

hamster having tea

Those of you with siblings, prepare to feel like you failed at being generous when you were a small child. A little boy really wanted a pet hamster, but of course couldn’t afford one by himself because kids can’t be gainfully employed and might only get a dollar a week for allowance, if that. As The Huffington Post tells it:

Abigail Stout, 6, surprising her 9-year-old brother Daniel with a hamster that she bought with her own birthday money. Daniel, who had wanted one for some time, broke down in tears after receiving the gift from his sister.

Aw, so sweet. Abigail received more than $50 for her birthday and unlike how many kids would act she decided to pay it forward. Daniel had even been trying to earn extra money through chores and other help around the house to earn the pet for himself. No one tell either of these kids that hamsters only live for two years or so.

If she’s a smart kid, she will hold this over her brother’s head for years as a testament to how generous and loving she is, especially when he tries to convince their parents that they should get him a puppy instead of giving her a car in seven or eight years. Use this one good deed as a path to getting what you want for the rest of your life, girl. We have faith in you.

And for any six-year olds reading this, you know what you need to do to get a headline on The Huffington Post. Take after the smartest six-year old ever and do something really sweet for your older brother or sister today and reap the rewards forever.

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