Little Caesars Had To ‘Investigate’ A Chain For Potentially Selling Frozen DiGiorno Pizzas

10.08.18 11 months ago 7 Comments

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Little Caesars is a pizza chain famous for delivering Hot and Ready pizza at a moment’s notice, but at least one location may have been selling pizza famous for a different slogan altogether.

The pizza chain that offers $5 dollar pizzas on demand is now “investigating” one of its chains after a video on social media showed a cart full of DiGionio’s pizzas inside the store. The tweet implied that the frozen pizzas were being prepared in the store and sold as Little Caesars originals. It would be ironic given the difference in price points means that Little Caesars is probably a cheaper option than the frozen variety.

Twitter user @vinandwesson shared the video that quickly went viral, clearly implying that the pizza chain was up to no good.

As the stewards of the Little Caesars Bowl can tell you, this is a really upsetting pizza development. Look at how disappointed these guys are.

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