Why You’re Living Your Best Life If You Live Alone

03.26.16 2 years ago 3 Comments


Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to rule an empire? Act as absolute magistrate over all that your eyes can see? Well, I’m going to tell you and spoiler alert: It’s amazing. If it helps, think of me as Mufasa holding you up to observe the breadth and depth of a modest studio apartment costing roughly 30% of your monthly income. Everything the incandescent light touches is your kingdom and you alone control it with an iron fist. Are you scared? Are you excited? You should be both because living on your own makes you the supreme leader of the sovereign nation of you and as history has shown that power will inevitably change and corrupt you (in all the best ways.)

So, whether you’re moving out of your parents house, leaving your college dorm, breaking up, fed up with roommates or moving out of your parents (again) here are some of the perks to living alone.

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