Field Notes From The Most Gonzo Car Launch Ever

11.16.16 1 year ago

Lynk & Co

Look, I’m not a car person. I drive a 2011 Honda Fit. And while I love the feeling of power that comes with being fairly proficient at operating a manual transmission, I can’t actually tell you much about the motor that said transmission runs. It takes unleaded gas and synthetic oil. It gets pretty good gas mileage.

Then, on a Wednesday morning two weeks ago, I found myself sitting on an airplane, en route to Berlin, having somehow managed to snag a spot at the launch of Lynk & Co, a new car brand that promised to “push the limits of the car industry.”

When I heard it this claim it immediately brought one very important question to mind: But how? How would this new car brand be any different from every other car brand out there? How exactly was it planning on it pushing the limits, breaking the mold, ending the “game of follow the leader” that the press release told me the car industry was stuck in?

Pre-launch, Lynk & Co was very cloak and dagger about their product. The invite to the Berlin launch sounded like an email scam and the early info ambiguously stated that this new company would do everything from “evolve in the hands of its users” to “challenge the way we think of mobility.”

Lynk & Co

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