A New Male Contraceptive Product Is Making Lofty Promises With Serious Potential Health Risks


It’s no secret that men don’t like wearing condoms. If they did, the Maury show would have been cancelled like, at least 15 seasons ago. And unfortunately, a new product claiming to be an alternative may not be the magical unicorn of male contraceptive the world is waiting for.

The conceit of Jiftips, as the product is called, is simple. It’s literally a sticker that goes over the tip of a penis to cover the urethra. That’s it. (And if that doesn’t satiate your curiosity, I invite you to head over to the super NSFW product tutorial on YouTube.)

By now you may be scratching your head and thinking “hmm,” and by all means, that’s a perfectly natural reaction. The product website also states that Jiftips should only be used with the pullout method (and should obviously be removed before ejaculation), which seems kind of besides the point — but that’s perhaps the least concerning thing about it.

As the marketing slogan suggests, the Jiftip is intended to make the user: “Feel your partner, Feel Freedom, Feel Safe.” Not counting the freedom to be able to ejaculate without a sticker covering your urethra, however, one of those claims is not exactly true. As stated plainly on the website, the Jiptip is “for novelty or entertainment purposes only,” as well as the fact that the product is “not intended or approved to prevent pregnancy or STI’s.”

If it’s not supposed to prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease, then what the hell is the point of it? Unless someone derives “novelty or entertainment” from putting a sticker over their dick, of course, in which case there’s probably an entire segment of the internet dedicated to that.

Although Jiftip did not respond to a request to comment from USA Today, the website reached out to Orlando physician Jamin Brahmbhatt who said, “Consumers often get caught up in the hype and forget risk,” while stating the obvious, that preventing pregnancy or STDs “is the only reason people wear condoms in the first place.”

Still, there are so many questions. Like … what if it falls off, mid-coitus? If anyone wants to find out, you can purchase them on the website, three for $6.00. Or you could probably achieve the same effect with a dollar roll of masking tape — that’s between you and your god, though.

(Via USA Today)