Do Men Or Women Have The Best Orgasms? Let Science Explain!

With the answer to every question just an iPhone away, it’s kind of fun and exciting that the female orgasm remains a mysterious pleasure boat even to this day, particularly in contrast to the male orgasm. It’s almost too perfect, how cut and dry it all is for men and how ambiguous it is for women. But what really matters is whose orgasm is better?

According to science, that depends: First of all, the female orgasm lasts longer than the male orgasm — approximately 20 seconds compared to three to 10 seconds — but men experience more orgasms. A National Australian survey of heterosexual sex found that men experience an orgasm in 95 percent of encounters compared to women, who experienced them only 69 percent of the time. Oh, of course — 69 percent! YOU DON’T SAY! Anyway, based on those numbers, the scales tip one way or the other, depending on what you value more, quality or quantity.


But don’t rush to decide. Studies say orgasms vary depending on the type of sex you’re having. The rate of orgasm among female Americans aged 21-26 varies significantly by sexual orientation with lesbians experiencing 12 percent more orgasms than straight women during sex. Additionally, 25 percent of lesbians report climaxing every single time they have sex and half report climaxing at least 75 percent of the time. So, lesbians win! This is probably because lesbian women report sexual encounters lasting almost twice as long as straight women. Get it, girl.

There’s also a chance that, as a woman, your genes could influence your chances of orgasm.

In terms of sensation, men and women both use very similar language to describe an orgasm, leading researchers to conclude that they feel quite similar. And though brain activity is very different during sexual arousal, brain activity during orgasms is the same.

Nature appears to have made this a fair fight, so enjoy your orgasm and go to bed. Or have another one, if you’re a woman.