You Can Finally Get Married In A Struggling Mall

Be honest, you probably clicked on this story because your budget is tight, and you’ve had to rule out the flower-covered barn or the picturesque beach ceremony in your dream destination. Or maybe weddings are just too expensive for you and your lover, so you’re really grappling for more affordable options so you can still have enough money to support your candlelit Ramen noodle newlywed life. Quick question: Have you considered getting married in an abandoned mall?

No, really! It’s a thing! And it’s all thanks to the fact that you’re buying all your stuff online. When you get your candles and giant bears on Amazon, though, malls suffer. But since the space is there, and since the mall is a wonderful place to celebrate your most important life events, mall managers around the country is allowing you to get married in an abandoned Pier One (if your party is small) or a Sears that’s closed up shop (if you’re looking to throw a gala).

“The value of visiting a shopping mall extends beyond retail as properties continue to incorporate non-traditional tenants,” a spokeswoman for the International Council of Shopping Centers, a trade organization, told the Morning News.

While more and more business are shifting to online platforms, social gatherings like weddings or family reunions will continue to live on in-person, even when you have to grit your teeth or force a smile upon attending.

So, whether or not you’re still hung up on your ideal wedding party with the glamorous view, it’s best to keep your options open. At least there’ll be unlimited parking and mannequins to fill in when your best man or maid of honor is suddenly MIA, right? (And they won’t even eat much!)