The Man Who Let His Mother Run His Tinder Account Provides A Cautionary Tale


It’s 2016. A man in his mid 20s who is perpetually single installs Tinder on his mom’s phone and asks her to find a date for him. Like the rest of us who aren’t having our moms control Tinder, she first experiences excitement over connecting instantaneously with people over the app, but is then disillusioned about how rarely this materializes into an actual date.

Clay Skipper writes for GQ about how he let his mom run his Tinder for a month, in the hopes of getting him a girlfriend to take the fourth ticket she had for Hamilton. The results are adorably Mom-ish, with “pick up lines” ranging from “What snacks do you like?” to a match joking that she wants to do Molly, and Skipper’s mom having no idea what that means.

Surprisingly, Mom’s “conversation starters” seem to actually result in conversations but quickly go nowhere, mainly because Mom sounds “robotic,” and because she “has no chill,” asking too many questions in a row. There’s also a crisis where Mom reads a Vanity Fair article about how Tinder is ruining society, and gets upset that most people just use the app for sex. When she manages to get Skipper a date, it goes awkwardly.

So what’s the cautionary tale? That nobody has success on Tinder, not even your no-nonsense mother.

Skipper doesn’t get a date to Hamilton, but he does reconnect with a girl from his past soon after. The medium? Twitter DM.

(via GQ)