These Mardi Gras 2016 Photos Will Make You Want To Book Tickets For Next Year

02.10.16 3 years ago 7 Comments

The party is over. Were you in New Orleans? Did you throw beads and start impromptu parades? If not, you can still look forward to next year — when you can put on your wildest costume and really let loose. That’ll be your chance. You don’t even have to go to Louisiana. Throw your own damn party.

Maybe parties aren’t your scene. That’s fine too — it’s still worth a look-see. That’s why we’ve gathered the best we could find from festivities across the country. We dug for the best that the revelers dished out. Some of it (read: most of it) wasn’t fit to print. Some of the tassels were a little too small or the glitter sprinkled over the wrong bits.

Those images, you’ll have to find on your own time. At your own party. The rest, we’ve gathered here. So enjoy and be inspired. Start stewing your own gumbo or cooking up some jambalaya. The chicory and beignets are there to help you out through mornings like this.

Next year you’ll get ’em. Until then, enjoy:

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