Maryland Police Decide We Urgently Need To Put Out An APB For Spring

spring winter flowers

For everyone living on the East Coast, this winter has been neverending. Every time spring seems like it’s poking its head in and bringing some warm weather, freezing temperatures and miserable precipitation follow the next day. When you are begging for even a 50-degree day in mid-April, things aren’t going very well in the weather department. In order to figure out where the warm weather is and why winter seems to refuse to get out the heck out of here, a police department in Maryland put out an APB for spring. The Montgomery County police released an official APB for the “missing” season, complete with last-known whereabouts being “last year as summer arrived.”

While usually this would be a super dorky thing for a police department to do, in this case we will give it a pass because spring really does need to be found. Sweater season has gone on long enough, and it’s getting embarrassing how many times we’ve made our hands numb by ordering an iced coffee on a 40-degree day. Maybe  government agencies opening an official inquiry to spring’s whereabouts is just the trick to get the warm months out of hiding. One more day of surprise snow or freezing temperatures and police departments in Maryland and other long-suffering East Coast states will be dealing with legitimate 911 calls about the cold refusing to make way for the next season. This is a regional emergency, so at least we know the Montgomery County Police Department is on it.

(Via The Washington Post)