These Massive Lobsters Were Swept Toward Shore By Hurricane Nicole

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10.18.16 4 Comments

Sanctuary Marine Bermuda

Hurricane Matthew made the big headlines due to its destruction of Haiti and threatening path towards Florida, with Hurricane Nicole following just behind. Nicole didn’t do as much damage or make landfall in as many places, but her winds and currents did have the amazing side effect of sweeping some crazy big lobsters closer to the Bermuda shore.

Besides the unfortunate ecological side effects of humongous sea animals being forced out of their known habitats because of an unexpected storms, this is a pretty awesome catch. The fisherman were out on one of Sanctuary Marine’s boats (a charter company) when the catch happened. You can see the full story of the big snag and some GoPro footage of the catch below, so as to experience the excitement firsthand.

Fortunately for the lobster, it was big enough that it would be unethical to put it in an aquarium somewhere to be gawked at and way too big to be legally caught. Lobsters grow constantly bigger as they age, so this specimen was – in very scientific terms – SUPER old. Just knowing there’s a lobster this big out there is as unsettling as it is cool, so in order to be okay with going back in the water next summer everybody should start hoping the lobster has already begun his mission back home in the depths of the ocean.

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