Sorry, Parents, McDonald’s Wants Your Kid To Beg For Happy Meals At Breakfast Too

McDonald’s might have accidentally struck out big time with their Happy Meal activity trackers, but their next announced change for the kiddos sounds like a sure winner: breakfast Happy Meals.

That’s right – the breakfast Happy Meal apparently isn’t a thing yet, which seems a bit surprising, but what do we know? What we do know is that the slow rollout of the new menu offering will be starting Monday, at 73 McDonald’s restaurants in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

“All day breakfast has really been a big hit with our customers, and that started from our customers telling us this is what they wanted,’’ Pam Williams, a director of innovation at McDonald’s USA, told USA Today. “Since the launch of all day breakfast, more of our customers have been reaching out to us and asking us for these choices for their kids In the Happy Meals.’’

Well, sure. But the parents who don’t really want to be begged for a Happy Meal won’t be too stoked.

As for the tyke-sized breakfast offerings, the menu will be more limited than the adult breakfast menu, with a choice between two McGriddles, or a new Egg & Cheese McMuffin. For sizes, kids can choose between apple slices, yogurt, and, at some restaurants, hash browns. They’ll also be able to get fries during lunch and dinner hours.

So, basically, your life is now just about getting begged for sugary-sweet McGriddle meals. Parents, you’re welcome.

If it’s successful, the breakfast items will be the first major addition to McDonald’s’ Happy Meal menu in over thirty years – a long time, considering that Happy Meals themselves debuted in 1979. Ahhh, the winds of change.

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