McDonald’s Is Selling Special Sauce And Cheeseless Mozzarella Sticks

It’s big. It’s special. And it’s being released to the masses — at least, in Australia it is. And for a limited time only.

McDonald’s Australia — or Maccas, as it’s called down under — announced last week that they would be selling Big Mac Special Sauce by the bottle…again. Because apparently their take on Thousand Island dressing is worthy of mass hysteria.

While last year’s Special Sauce extravaganza was limited only to the 200 bottles McDonald’s had put up for bid on eBay, this year the company is giving it a wider release, producing 4,000 bottles and selling them for $4.95 a pop in select stores throughout Australia.

Meanwhile, in America, we’re having to content ourselves with the Special Sauce the McDonald’s employee puts on our Big Macs, as well as with the questionably un-cheesy mozzarella sticks we’re being served.

Yes, that’s right—cheeseless sticks of fried breading. As Business Insider reported, McDonald’s customers have recently been taking to social media to complain about defective mozzarella sticks. And it’s not just a few scattered incidents: Based on the number of users reporting missing cheese, the mistake appears to be widespread.

Was it a factory defect? Is the cheese just stuck to the edges of the breading? Hard to say—although McDonald’s, for its part, has been reaching out to dissatisfied customers to try and figure out the problem. Perhaps part of the issue is that McDonald’s is trying waaaaay too many things at once to get your business back and it simply slipped their frazzled minds to add cheese to the cheese sticks?

The conclusion here is that we should all move to Australia, where McDonald’s Special Sauce is a prized thing, right alongside menu items like the Guacamole and Salsa Loaded Fries and the Aussie Angus BBQ burger. Which comes with “juicy beetroot.” The lack of mozzarella sticks will seem like a trivial thing then.

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