South Korean McDonald’s Has Churros And We Have Jealousy

11.16.15 2 years ago 2 Comments

When it comes to food, South Korea has it all: This insane burger (it’s a burger, right? Pretty sure it’s a burger); eating online as a lucrative career choice; and now, their McDonald’s have churros.

That’s right, South Korea gets the McDonald’s churro, and we have to remain satisfied with good old-fashioned, American apple pie cartridges. If Americans want deep-fried, light-as-air, cinnamon-sugar dusted puff wonder wands, we’re going to have to work, because it won’t be as easy as pulling up to the golden arches. We’ll have to drive to Taco Bell, by God, or El Pollo Loco, or Jack in the Box, or Costco.

Sometimes it’s like McDonald’s isn’t even listening to us, you know? It’s like we don’t even really know each other.

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