It’s Official! McDonald’s Will Now Have All-Day Breakfast

CNBC just tweeted this glorious bit of news for fans of breakfast and sleep:

McDonald’s has been hinting at serving all-day breakfast for months now, and people have dreamed of eating Egg McMuffins outside of the restaurant’s draconian “breakfast ends at 10:30 a.m.” schedule for even longer. Starting October 6th that dream is now a reality.

Celebrate this momentous news by picking out your favorite item from the McDonald’s breakfast menu (and do your best to ignore the helpful nutrition facts that pop up when you click on said item), then get ready to eat those pancakes or hash browns or McGriddles for dinner. Because you’re an adult, and from now on, nobody — not society, not the ceaseless hands of time, not even McDonald’s policy — can dictate when you eat eggs!

Or, for the “paint outside the lines” types, you can use this announcement as an opportunity to try the famous “Mc1035 burger.” This McMuffin/burger Frankenstein-of-deliciousness was previously only available during the brief window when both breakfast and regular food items were available. With this announcement, that window has been thrown wide.

Now that customers can order breakfast and regular menu items whenever they feel like it, even more food hacks are inevitable. Maybe someone will insert eggs and bacon into the already over-stuffed McGangBang to make a McBreakfastBang (and I think we can all agree that name cannot possibly be topped). Maybe someone will add the McRib inside a pancake to make a BBQ McCrepe. And certainly some discerning diners will keep it classic and enjoy a Chicken McGriddle, because nothing is tastier than a chicken McGriddle.

It’s a fact, all-day breakfast is the best thing McDonald’s has done since this:


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