You’ll Need Daniel Day Lewis To Help You Drink Up These Insane Milkshakes

Milkshakes: the dessert you can always get away with because, technically, it’s a beverage. Unless you’re ordering from Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer, in which case, your shake isn’t just a beverage or a dessert…

It’s a beverage,

a dessert,

a dessert,

a dessert,

and a freaking Wonka Factory all jammed into one.

Black Tap — which opened two locations just last year in NYC — only entered the outrageous milkshake game in late November. Clearly, they’re bringing their A+ game to the table, though. With chef Joe Isidori, a graduate of The Culinary Institute of Hyde Park whose work has garnered Michelin Star recognition, it’s a small wonder that the shakes work as well on the palate as they do on the eyeballs.

And as if the mountains of cotton candy, chocolate chip cookies, m&ms, lollipops, and nonpareils weren’t enough, the milkshakes can also come with booze. Enhanced with shots of Myers rum or Elijah Craig bourbon, when your milkshake comes to the table, no one can accuse you of a acting childishly.

If you order from the SoHo location, bartenders are making your drink. So, there.

Despite the fact that Isidori claims his shakes aren’t trying to “reinvent the wheel,” given the fact that they start with flavor classics like cookie dough and M&M covered pretzels, it’s clear they’re tickling the imagination and tastebuds of the folks lucky enough to try them (and patient enough to wait in hour-or-more long lines).

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But if you’re nowhere near New York City, the good news is there are other places practicing hedonistic milkshake success. And of course, we’re willing to share:

Take it away, Daniel Day!