An Ad Agency Hung Mistletoe In London’s Tube Cars, Both Delighting And Irritating Commuters

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How would you react to discovering a bit of mistletoe in your subway car? Would you be delighted? Perplexed? Horrified? Prepping to bear spray everyone in sight? Londoners had the opportunity to discover their thoughts on the matter firsthand thanks to a campaign equipped with the hashtag #mistletube.

This seasonal smooching symbol made a surprise appearance in the city’s subway system. Why? Here’s the explanation provided by the initially mysterious (more on that in a bit) mistletoe nestlers.

We wanted to bring some Christmas cheer to one of the most miserable places in the capital. So we put love on the line and created the #Mistletube. Merry Christmas, London!

Naturally, photos and tweets (and sometimes tweets with photos if you can believe it) sprung up from riders who documenting what happened when the #mistletube met the Brits. As you can guess from the lack of #SevenMinutesInHeavenCar momentum in your Trending Topics, the reactions were definitely mixed.







So who was behind this experiment in merriment and potential makeouts? That would be the ad agency Droga5. It makes sense that an advertising outlet would mastermind this kinda thing, but we had visions that someone like Colin Firth would do this in a bid to make all of our moms happy. Oh well.

(Via Business Insider UK)

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