Vegas Now Has A Moët & Chandon Vending Machine And Using It Sounds Intense

They say that “what that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” That might be true in some instances, but a lot of people are talking about a new addition to one of the casinos in the desert paradise. And no, they aren’t talking about Carrot Top and his box of hilarious comic gags.

In the midst of slot machines and roulette tables at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Las Vegas, there sits a unique vending machine. This machine doesn’t dispense sodas or cigarettes or even pizza and cupcakes. Instead, this  miracle of modern technology is chock-full champagne. Yes, champagne. And it’s not some low-level sparkling wine, either. This is Moet & Chandon — baller level stuff! That’s the same champagne that Roger Federer drinks so you know it’s good (and fancy). Plus, there’s nothing more Vegas than a champagne vending machine, you know? What’s next, a champagne fountain in front of the Bellagio?

The machine, which holds mini-bottles of the famed bubbly also dispenses small champagne flutes so you can drink in style. Why spend the money if you’re going to drink it out of a bottle like a peasant? Plus, the machine was designed to guarantee that the bottles don’t bang around en route to you, because there’s nothing worse than losing half of your bottle to spraying froth. That is, unless you just won the World Series; in which case it’s awesome.

The bottles are $20 each, but you can’t just insert a Jackson into the machine. There’s a safeguard to guarantee that no underage drinkers get any ideas about throwing their own mini-champagne parties. To purchase a bottle of either Moet’s Imperial Brut or Imperial Rose you have to first take a trip to the front desk, show proof that you’re over the age of 21 and buy a special $20 gold coin. Getting this coin is the only step separating you and that tasty, sparkly French wine.

The machine, which hold 320 mini-bottles, is the only vending machine of its kind in the United States (except for the corporate offices in New York). There’s no word as to how popular the machine is, but let’s hope it catches on and they start planting them in other popular tourist destinations. Buying champagne in a vending machine is definitely better than stocking up on honey buns and Flaming Hot Cheetos.