This Mom’s Going Viral For Her Real Talk About Living With Mental Illness

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02.03.17 3 Comments

Living with mental illness is one of the hardest things in the world. Not only do you often feel like you’re alone (especially when you’re so depressed you can’t get out of bed), but the way others perceive you doesn’t match up with how you see yourself. That’s why Cierra Fortner, a Missouri mother of two and a woman struggling with depression, anxiety, and a personality disorder took to Facebook to share her struggles in a post that’s now gone viral.

According to Fortner, the impetus of her post was a visit to a local Walmart. There, an employee commended her on how well-behaved and well-dressed her two small children were. “You just seem to have it all together,” the worker told Fortner and while she was grateful for the compliment, she also felt the need to address the truth, so she wrote a Facebook post letting the woman who complimented her at Walmart in on things Fortner wishes she could tell her.

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