A Few Favorite Photos From ‘The Most Instagrammed Tourist Atractions On Earth’

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Social media and travel are trapped in a cycle — each informing and shaping the other. It may seem like Instagram serves Big Wanderlust by giving it a platform to shine, but studies have shown the popularity of destinations is influenced in turn by FOMO inducing ‘gramming. Truth be told: There are a lot of people hitting the trail just for the likes, so it’s no surprise that there are destinations that trend hard on Instagram.

This year, the social media juggernaut once again has released data about the people, places, and trends that have dominated the site. Using info gathered between the first of the year and November 17, Instagram determined things like the “most-followed celebs” and the “top hashtags.” They also dedicated a lot of research to travel trends, identifying the most snapped locales.

The top ten most Instagrammed tourist attractions round the world aren’t terribly shocking; They are all popular tourist destinations for a reason. And, their popularity has to do both with how fun they are and how great they look in photographs. Disney, for example, is in effect in a big way. But, this isn’t the sort of list that requires being taken aback by the locations. It’s all about being impressed by the photos. So, scroll through a few of our favorites and enjoy.

10. Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, USA

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Despite a policy of keeping what happens in Vegas in Vegas, people seem hyped to document their experiences, according to the data coming from Instagram. To be fair, the City of Sin does have a lot of visual appeal.

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Beautiful fall night in Las Vegas

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