Know What To Expect In 2016 With These Mystical Foods

01.13.16 4 years ago


Why can’t fortune tellers have babies?
Because their husbands have crystal balls.

What’s that? Stick with food writing? Fine — but let’s keep it on the mystical front today. Can you see who you’ll marry with an apple peel? Do tea leaves know way more about the future than you do? Will a guy marry you if you bite his fig (ouch)? Let’s take a look at some of the kookier mystical foods out there. And who knows, maybe you’ll try one and it will work. And maybe I’ll be a billionaire tomorrow!

Dare to dream!





How could Eve ever have said no to an apple? They’re delicious, juicy and keep doctors away from you. They naturally help to keep your teeth clean and can be better at making you alert than coffee. But what secrets do they hide?

Apple Seed Fortune TellingCut open an apple and count the seeds. The number will predict your future.

1-    A surprise in the near future *OMG A BABY!
2-    Good luck *OMG A BABY!
3-    Bad luck *OMG A BABY!
4-    Wealth *WOOT LOTTO
5-    An early marriage *OMG A BABY!
6-    Fame *Is Cops still on TV?
7-    Travel *Treat Yo Self!
8-    Abundance! *More apples!

Apple Peel Marriage Guide: Peel an apple in a spiral and toss the unbroken peel over your shoulder. It will fall in the form of the first letter in your future honey’s name.

Stem DivinationHold the stem and spin it around while saying the alphabet. It will pop out when you get to the letter of someone’s name. SOMEONE YOU WILL COPULATE WITH!

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