All The Best National Donut Day Deals


Today is National Donut Day! That means no school, no work, nothing! Just. Donuts. Don’t even talk to a real human person today, just slap some googly-eyes on a donut and take a bite out of your new best friend. Just walk into one of the following donut establishments, give the worker the look, and they’ll sense why you’re there. They’ll sense your vibes and hear your churning stomach.

National Donut Day is unique amongst other national deal days because it’s one of the few that has some history and reasoning behind it. The food holiday has been recognized since 1938 — started by the Salvation Army as a way to celebrate the women who served fresh donuts to American soldiers in France during World War 1. Known as Donut Lassies or Donut Dollies, these women are often credited with popularizing the donut in the U.S. Generally, these national deal days are just a shameless way for fast food chains to get you in the door, today it’ll actually feel like we’re celebrating donuts for a reason.

Unfortunately, the National Donut Day deals aren’t as extensive as some of the other national deal days, but the chances of you walking away from somewhere with a free donut today are high. Be sure to check your favorite local donut shops to see if they’re getting in on the fun, too.

Cumberland Farms — Between 5-10 am receive a free donut when you order either a Chill Zone, HYPERFREEZE, hot or iced coffee, tea, or cappuccino beverage from Cumberland Farms’ new concept stores.

Duck Donuts — Receive a free bare, cinnamon sugar, or powdered sugar donut for free from any Duck Donuts location all day long on National Donut Day.

Dunkin’ — Receive a free classic doughnut of your choice when you purchase a beverage all day Friday. Or, you know, until supplies last. But if Dunkin’ is even capable of running out of donuts they’ve got a major problem on their hands.

Entenmann’s — Everyone’s favorite market brand of donuts is holding a contest in search of donut flavor ideas from now until June 14. The winner will have their creation made during the 2019 holiday season, receive $5,000, and a year’s supply of donuts!

You could be celebrating National Donut Day every day for a whole year. Find out more about the contest here.

Hardee’s — No one would ever actually BUY Hardee’s Fruit Loops Mini Donuts, so they’ll be giving them away for free all weekend long with this coupon from Offers.

Krispy Kreme — Receive a free donut with no purchase necessary! Krispy Kreme has promised that if they give away 1 million free doughnuts on National donut day then donut-heads will be rewarded with a second free donut sometime later this month. This is the type of dedication to the donut that we like to see!

Randy’s Donuts — Small LA donut chain Randy’s will be giving out four glazed donut rounds on National Donut Day between 6 a.m. to noon at every LA location. What is a donut round? No idea!

Salvation Army — Salvation Army will be delivering donuts and hosting events all across the country. To find out what event is happening near you, check with your local Salvation Army.

Walmart — At participating Walmart Supercenters and Neighborhood Markets, Walmart will be giving out over 1.2 million glazed donuts to over 4,000 stores across the country. Simply stroll into the bakery section and pick up your free donut!