The National Zoo Just Got A Sex Tiger, So Don’t Come Knocking If The Habitat’s Rocking

Animal conservation is hugely important. It seems very likely that we humans are causing what’s called the Holocene Extinction of many of our fellow animals. Zoos are proving to be crucial in fighting the extinction of loads animals, even as other parts of the world see unprecedented loss. But how do zoos propagate endangered species right off that scary list? Sex. Lots and lots of sex. More sex than you ever thought possible. Just sex, you know? Fortunately, our National Zoo has been at the forefront of preserving endangered species and they’ve added a new member to the team to make sure that sex is happening. Specifically tiger sex.

Meet Sparky the Sex Tiger. First of all, yes, his name’s Sparky. Second of all, He’s a twelve-year-old male who likes eating raw flesh, lounging threateningly, and “using water to patrol his territory” (at least in theory). And, third of all, he’s been sent to our nation’s capital to get it on with a female tiger known as Damai. They’re both Sumatran tigers, a subspecies known for its swimming skills as well as the fact that, despite being the smallest type of tiger, they have no natural predators aside from humans who just can’t stop poaching and razing the tiger’s habitats like it was their one sole purpose on Earth. Definitely something to bond over!

There are less than 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild, and a genetic bottleneck has caused all sorts of physical problems with the big cat. You can directly support the National Zoo’s Tiger Conservation Fund by donating to the cause on their webpage. The WWF also has several programs to support this amazing animal.

As for Sparky and Damai, they’ve “only been introduced visually,” but zookeepers expect them to get very well acquainted over the coming months.

Here’s some music to speed that process up!

(Via Washingtonian)