‘American Gods’ And The Cheesecake Factory Inspired This Fan To Ask Neil Gaiman For The Strangest Favor

05.23.17 11 months ago 4 Comments


The Cheesecake Factory menu is a beautiful treasure of American literature filled with delights of all kinds. So it’s high time that someone celebrated it for the literary masterpiece that it is. And there may be no better person than literary genius, Neil Gaiman, who has committed to reading the entire menu for our entertainment. Provided we raise a measly 500,000 for his favorite charity, of course.

The hilarious idea is the brainchild of comedian and writer, Sara Benincasa whose moment of divine inspiration came last week. She tells Eater, “Last week I watched an episode of the sublime TV adaptation of American Gods, went on a goddamn elegant date to Cheesecake, woke up, drank coffee, and went into some kind of inspiration blackout,” she says. “When I came to, I discovered I’d asked Neil if he’d read the entire Cheesecake Factory menu onstage in exchange for a $500,000 donation to a charity of his choice.”

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