Netflix Wants To Pay You $2,000 A Week To Travel The World And Hang Out On Its Sets


Forget everything you’ve ever heard about a career in streaming Netflix all day not being a viable job. The streaming company is making dreams a reality by offering some very lucky viewers (with access to Instagram) the opportunity to get paid to watch their favorite TV shows and movies being made. What’s that? It’s the sound of your company-issued cellphone and/or college textbooks sailing right out the window as you pick up your phone and start snapping away.

Only four people will be chosen to be Netflix’s official “Grammasters” (which is a thing you should probably not call yourself even if chosen) and will spend two weeks traveling the world, being paid $2,000 a week, and probably meeting all sorts of celebrities. Oh, and they’ll have to take lots and lots and lots of pictures.

Here are the official rules, per Netflix:

Follow @Netflix

To apply, hashtag your top 3 photos with #grammasters3 on Instagram by March 6, 2016.

We’re looking for TV & movie fans with a talent for taking pictures. Choose photos that show off your interests or passions.

Grammasters will travel for two weeks, visiting the sets of popular shows, films, and even Netflix originals.

Make some money! Earn $2000/week while Netflix handles all travel arrangements.

The small print says that in return for being lavished with all of this wonderment you have to give Netflix the right to use your photos and your likeness in print and other media for the purposes of networking, but let’s be real: anyone signing up for this contest isn’t going to be too worried about their Instagram photos being blasted all over the place. Let’s just hope that the powers that be choose a real Netflix enthusiast and not just a social media influencer who takes pretty pictures.