Netherlands Will Throw The Ban Hammer On Every Non-Electric Car Within A Decade

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If you’re from the Netherlands and you have a love for hot rods or even Mercedes-Benzes that resemble El Caminos, you might not be happy with what a group of politicians in your home country wants to do in the next decade. The PvdA (Holland’s Labor Party) proposed a ban on all gasoline-powered vehicles by the year 2025. The proposal, which has been approved by the country’s lower house of Parliament known as the Tweede Kamer, will allow the use of petrol powered vehicles until they’re no longer roadworthy, but by 2025 all new vehicles sold on Dutch soil will be zero-emissions. Think you’re fine in your Prius? Not quite. Only totally electric or hydrogen dependent vehicles will be sold.

On one hand, this is a major step towards an EU nation to stop their dependency on fossil fuels, but the proposal has been scrutinized by the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VDD) as well as folks within the PvdA. Barbra Visser, a VDD representative called the proposal of a gasoline-free Netherlands, “the wishful thinking of a headless chicken.”

You would think that a nation that wants to pass such a progressive law regarding the banning of dino fuels is a stalwart when it comes to energy, but according to a study by Deloitte the Netherlands consumes more natural gas and petroleum than most EU countries.

(Via Digital Trends)