Lomography’s Affordable New Lens Set Will Fit Any Camera

Everyone with an iphone and a selfie stick may feel like a photographer these days (yesterday, I captured a photo of my cat standing on two legs and I felt like an artistic genius). But if you’re actually serious about photography, you need a good camera, And with that, comes the need for high quality lenses. Which are really, really expensive. Art quality lenses can cost upwards of a thousand dollars. That’s why photographers are so jazzed about Lomography’s new Kickstarter campaign for their Neptune Convertible Art Lens System.

The trio of lenses (a 35mm f3.5, a 50mm f2.8, and an 80mm f4.0) are selling at an early Kickstarter price of only $599. Which may seem like a lot of money, but is a great deal for photogs. Lomography has already sold 218,000 dollars worth of the lenses. Way past their 100,000 dollar goal. The affordability mixed with the quality and versatility of the system has people really excited.

Lomography describes the lens system as “everything you need on any photography venture.” Basically, it’s a modular lens set that allows you to not only swap out parts of the lens based on your needs but fits on any camera with the right connector. Currently, they have the adaptor capability for Canon EF, Nikon F, and Pentax K but theoretically will eventually be able to fit it to any brand. It’s a cool system and its versatility makes it innovative for photographers.

More lenses are coming for the system soon, but the current set also includes drop-in aperture plates to shape background blur or bokeh (the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas). Backers will receive their lenses in late 2017 or early 2018 so it would make a good Christmas or New Year’s gift to yourself (yep, we’re telling you to start thinking about the winter holidays already BECAUSE WE’RE MONSTERS).