This Adorable Newborn Sloth Named ‘Edward Scissorhands’ Will Make You Want To Own A Sloth

Named after Edward Scissorhands due to his long claws, meet Edward, a baby sloth being hand-reared by workers at the London Zoo after his mother was not able to. Edward requires feedings of goat’s milk spiked with nutrients every three hours, 24 hours a day. Yet despite the constant feedings, as the London Zoo employee caring for him weirdly goes into full detail, he “only goes to the toilet about once a week.” And when Edward does go to the loo, he apparently drops some serious pounds, as they weigh him after his weekly bowel movements.

My takeaway from this: you mean to tell me there’s an adorable animal that only poops once a week and we’re not all keeping them as pets? Sh*t, I have to take my dog out at least five times per day, and don’t even get me started on litter boxes. Here, Mother Nature created the perfect animal and we’re just letting them hang out in their native rainforests like suckers. (You read more about sloth poop here if so inclined.)

(Via Tastefully Offensive)