Nice Guy Jon Stewart And His Wife Adopted An Abused Horse That Had Been Shot With Paintballs

05.22.16 3 years ago

First, a note: People, don’t hurt animals. Don’t mess with them, or think that it would be funny to make them characters in your absurd stunt that will only succeed in you looking like an ass. 99 percent of the time, they are minding their own business so you should at least attempt to be smart and just do the same.

There, now that we’ve made that clear, let’s turn to Jon Stewart, seemingly a very nice, kind, genuine soul who clearly feels the same way when it comes to being cruel to an animal for no apparent reason whatsoever. It seems a 20-year old mare named Lily was wounded and lost an eye because some complete and total idiot decided to shoot her with paintballs at close range more than 100 times. Great.

Stewart and his wife Tracey, who have a farm in Middletown, New Jersey, heard about Lily and decided to adopt her from a stable in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where the local SPCA had been caring for her after she needed surgery to remove her eye following the paintball attack, as per The Hollywood Reporter. The Stewarts have a sanctuary on their farm, which they opened last year. Because they are nice. And because they understand that being cruel to an unassuming animal for kicks is both stupid and most definitely not nice.

Oh and by the way, a fellow by the name of Phillip Price was convicted of animal cruelty and other charges stemming from the abuse of Lily in New Holland, Pennsylvania on Friday. Enjoy jail, Phil.

(Via THR)

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