Nick Offerman Extols The Virtues Of Not Having To Airbnb With Weirdos In This HomeAway Commercial

Directed by Tim and Eric’s Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, Nick Offerman makes a case for “not having to share” in this new commercial for HomeAway, a vacation rental service that is a competitor to Airbnb, the popular rental website that has users opening up their homes to strangers looking for lodging. Unlike Airbnb, which can either be private or just like, a spare room in some random person’s house, HomeAway specializes solely in private rental homes–so you don’t have to worry about some weirdo clipping their toenails on the couch or rowdy kids splashing in the hotel pool.

If Tim and Eric are looking to appeal to the germaphobe market, they’re certainly doing a great job. All they needed was a closeup shot of bed bugs to ensure that not only would people stop patronizing hotels and Airbnb, but would possibly never leave their homes again. Yuck.

(Via Mashable)