Nick Offerman Invites You Into His Whisky-Filled ‘Holiday Bunker’

America’s favourite whisky enthusiast/meat consumer wants to show you the inside of his Holiday Bunker. Like an actual bunker. That’s not code for seeing his butt or anything like that.

Fargo gem Nick Offerman has popped up in a new ad for Lagavulin, the distillery that previously gave you 45 minutes of the Parks and Rec alum enjoying 45 minutes of beverage consumption. This go-around is a far more chatty affair, mind you.

Allow Offerman to be your guide in crafting a safe space away from noisy holiday distractions like shoppers, parties, and (ugh) friends and family. If you follow our host’s advice, you too can turn a “closet or distant bathroom into a holiday bunker in less than an afternoon.” SWIFT!

Here are a few things that pop up on the ol’ Offerman checklist: Books (possibly with the actor/author’s face on it), dry socks, dry underwear, healthy snacks (like red meat), and a big-ass collection of Lagavulin.

So if your family finds you this Christmas in a temporarily repurposed bathroom guzzling whisky, you can drunkenly point at this helpful bit of advertising to explain that you haven’t “ruined everything” to members of your family. They’ll likely be too impressed by Nick Offerman’s beard to register a complaint.