A Visual Tour Of The Very Exciting, Very Expensive, Very Sold Out Noma Pop Up In Mexico

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Dining at a restaurant like Noma is a bucket list experience. Not that many people are going to get to do it. Even when Chef Rene Redzepi opens his Noma 2.0 (hopefully) later this year, it’s still going to be an exclusive, “how did you score that?” spot. Dining at one of Noma’s pop ups — so far in Tokyo and Sydney — is an even rarer get for the intrepid diner. And now there’s another Noma pop up for all of us to drool over and feel twinges of envy about; a mind-blowing culinary experience only a select few will have the honor of partaking in. Sigh.

Noma Mexico had their hard open two nights ago in Tulum on the Yucatan peninsula. Chef Rene Redzepi and Chef Rosio Sanchez (former Noma pastry chef and owner of the best taquería in Europe, Hija de Sanchez) took on Mexico in ways that are both deeply respectful to the bounty of foods and wildly innovative (as we’ve come to expect from chefs on their level). They seem to be relishing all the new toys they have to play with. Chef Redzepi told Vogue recently that “it is the first time that I’ve ever worked with spice, and the first time that Noma has ever been influenced by it.” He continued, “discovering spice is like uncovering a sixth flavor. It works in the same way as umami. So it’s basically all over the menu.”

It’s a whole new world for the Scandinavian chef, who isn’t trying to mimic local cuisine so much as explore it.

Mixe chili with Chocolate ice cream made by cacao from Jaguar.

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